Jamalpur College, Jamalpur

जमालपुर कॉलेज, जमालपुर

(A Constituent Unit of Munger University)

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Canteen Facility

The definition of a canteen is a self-service restaurant where you select and pay for food yourself, or a dining area where meals can be purchased. The big room with a lunch line and tables where students eat their lunches while at college is an example of a canteen. The ideal college canteen is one that caters to the broadest possible clientele, taking into account if their patrons identify :

Vegeterian Food

Non-Vegeterian Food

Fast Food


Effective canteen management requires that everyone involved knows its goals and objectives and is familiar with its policies canteen. Staff and committee develop an implementation plan to achieve policy goals day-to-day operational procedures are structured and enforced staff are adequately trained and supervised.

Student Information System

This section will deal with all the information pertaining to a student such as personal, academic as well as digital document and student report.