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जमालपुर कॉलेज, जमालपुर

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Munger University came into existence on 18th March 2018 and it is all set to evolve as centre of excellence in various disciplines incorporating all modern subjects and their interfaces. We have fixed up our aims which, when fulfilled, shall be conducive to growth of an international centre of learning having unlimited scope of recognition of innovative skills and creation & dissemination of knowledge.

This University is to be situated almost at the same latitude as that of ancient Vikramshila University where a Central University is proposed and planned in a sprawling 500-acre campus and that of the ancient Nalanda University where an international university has already come up with the involvement of Late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Azad and Nobel Laureate, Dr. Amartya Sen. Our university will be situated almost at the centre of the line joining the two upcoming centres of excellence. Thus, I see the future of an education tourism incorporating Munger, Vikramshila and Nalanda.

The university is going to launch many innovative courses such as Family Management, Food Technology. Departments like Department of Continuing Learning and Professional Development Studies are on the anvil.

Smt. Shyama Roy

Munger University

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This section will deal with all the information pertaining to a student such as personal, academic as well as digital document and student report.